Praise for Gentle Computer Helpers

I have been working with Mike Inskeep for many years now. He has always been prompt. He has always been professional. And he’s gracious, pleasant, patient, and clear.

And not only has he always solved “the problem,” he has provided many “by the way, did you know that you can...” tips that have proved very helpful. In other words, he has consistently done more than I asked him to do.

But in working with him recently,  I realized what his greatest strength is: he has an intuitive understanding of the way I like to work, and he finds solutions for “that” way, rather than giving me a cookie cutter, one-size-fits all answer. So on our last project he took what was becoming an unwieldy jumble of files and created a simple, very understandable process that lets me access what I need in seconds. It’s as if I’m looking at a whole new computer.

He’s been invaluable!

- HR

Mike’s trusted input certainly calmed at least some of our pre-college nerves!

- RL

First of all, I consider Mike Inskeep to be a GEM of a person! A real quality Guy! He brings that quality with him in his interactions. I have been using him as my all purpose go to MAC guy for a number of years. I cannot think of any situation he was not able to advise me on or do the actual repair. When I purchased my iMac, Mike went with me to the store to make sure I got the product that met my needs.

Mike also picks up the telephone. A rarity for service calls nowadays. If he cannot be available in that moment, he will let you know and then get back to you ASAP.

If you need a Mac advisor, I cannot think of anyone I would recommend more highly than Mike Inskeep of Gentle Computer Helpers!

- RK

He is the best, amazing Apple computer helper — brilliant, knowledgeable, yet gentle and patient. He also is superb for editing any writing work.

- HL

Mike Inskeep has been my "go-to man" for any questions or problems I've had with my Apple computer. He has gently helped me select a computer that suited my needs, make upgrades as they became necessary, trouble-shot problems whenever they arose — and most significantly — never ever made me feel like a computer dolt while shepherding me through the swiftly evolving high-tech cyber world.

He's introduced me to systems that help me better manage my work; teaching me how to do numerous things that improve my efficiency and productivity. There have been times I panicked, thinking all was lost and he'd find a way "fit me in" then arrive and painstakingly untangle a mess that I was sure was beyond hope.

He has saved me money by simply knowing which on-line providers are economical and trustworthy. He's assisted me in synching my iPhone, home and work computers so I have a fighting chance to be on top of things. He himself is organized, keeping meticulous track of my computer, printer, scanner make, model, serial numbers and online accounts. Now how handy is that?! He responds promptly to requests by email, text or phone. He's a very competent, reliable man even my cat likes. I can't imagine how non-techies cope without a gentle computer helper like Mike Inskeep. I only know that I can’t.

- LM

Your presentation [“Secure Your Mac” on Macintosh computer security] was the best we’ve ever seen at MLMUG [the Main Line Macintosh Users Group] since 2000 - interesting and informative. Thanks so much for your effort.

- SB

I'm an old guy that Mike has brought into the Mac generation.

When I bought my first Mac, I asked one of the staff at the Apple Store if he could refer me to a good trainer. He told me that Mike was the best guy around. He told me he was seasoned, with years and years of experience.

Mike comes to every appointment on time. He allows enough time for us to cover all my questions. He's very organized. He's responsible. He cares about his client's system and education. In cases of emergency, he can troubleshoot problems over the phone or using video chat.

Believe it or not, we have a geeks relationship that is based on friendship and the fun of working on the computer and getting tasks done. We accomplish a lot.

I have recommended him to my daughters, in-laws and colleagues. You may be asking yourself, "Do I really want to do this?" You can feel very comfortable with Mike because he's willing to go slow and go over things again to reinforce what he's taught you.

- AA

Mike is knowledgeable, affordable, easy to work with, and very accessible.  Furthermore, unlike the Apple whiz kids at the store, he doesn’t talk faster than I can follow!

- JW

I’ve been in awe of both of your presentations [for the Main Line Macintosh Users Group]. A wealth of information, organized so well and presented so clearly. When putting together demos for the group, I often think about your Mac security talk as a reference point for how to be effective.

- AR

Thank you for your time and patience! I will not hesitate to refer others to you if they are in need of computer help.

- AN

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