Tutoring on Your Macintosh Computer, iPad, or iPhone

Even though Apple designed Macintosh computers, iPads, and iPhones to be intuitive to use, figuring out how to do things can sometimes be challenging. I can help.

I’ll teach you just what you want to know. I’ll save you time.

I’ll adjust how I teach to make it easy for you to learn. Do you learn best by doing something yourself while I coach you step-by-step? Is it more helpful to take notes in your own words as you watch me do it the first time?

I’ll explain things in ordinary English. I’ll explain useful technical terms so you can become more independent.

I’ll teach you at your pace. You can relax and take it in.

I’ll teach you how to do things the easy way. There is often more than one way to do the same task.

I’ll alert you to easy-to-make mistakes and how to recover from them.

I’ll explain the rationale behind what I’m teaching you.

My goal is to cultivate your independence and confidence in using Apple devices, programs, and services. You’ll get better and better at figuring things out on your own.